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Doozers anyone?

Original drawing inspired by Jim Henson's Doozers from Fraggle Rock

Original drawing inspired by Jim Henson’s Doozers from Fraggle Rock

While working on the new and improved Dervish Pictures website, I needed to create an “Under Construction” placeholder for some pages; so, I whipped up this little fellow.


The Maiden Voyage

After my father died, I found myself in possession of his 2004 Harley-Davidson Road King. I rode it from Chicago to Orange County in the fall (Bringing it on Home), and I just went through an awesome amount of DMV red tape to register the bike in my name. Today, I took her out as an officially California sanctioned vehicle.

Doodle #1

by Scott Feinblatt

by Scott Feinblatt

Once upon a time, my dad brought me a stack of 11 x 17 paper that was given to him by a guy from a print shop in the same strip mall as his store, Wilmette Porcelain Shop, and I used to fill those pages with minimalist, surreal & psychedelic drawings. Now, once in a great while, I’ll doodle something in that vein on whatever piece of paper is at my disposal. In this case, a composition notebook.