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Free form and proper poems

Encrypted Soul

A voice with no identification
mingles with the wind.

Is the receiver the sender as well? Storms do obscure. Thought trails carve impossible labyrinths.

Locked souls twitch in their shackles. Executioners lay their necks on their own chopping blocks. Audiences assembled prepare reviews for their invisible bosses.

A note presses up against a pair of familiar shoes. Eyes read the words as members of the audience check their watches in anticipation for an appointment in another theater.

There had been a catastrophe. The heavens had torn, and worlds collapsed.

Tentatively, blood flows back into the robot’s system, and the heads-up display returns. The damage control report dictates reparative action is necessary for the integrity of the soul.

A message is composed and sent into the tangled wires where two ancient labyrinths stood. A whisper returns, and the erection of a proper tombstone begins.


An Outside Basket

The elaborate hoop lake dream
Comes tumbling down the mountain
Where have you been all these years?
The amnesiac returns from surgery

Which one goes in the peg?

He likes when you sing soft songs at midnight

But don’t ever say these three things
His mother didn’t, you see
She works for a demolition crew
So the poor idiot forgets the food he chews

Until it chokes him

Thus, he retired to this suite
To seek salvation from a breakdown

Every time he opens the door
She is staring in his face
And cleaving with a tapestry
Of beauty and disgrace

Go back to sleep my precious
He curls up in a ball
We’ll bounce you up and down the court
And let the ref make all the calls

The Smile Thief

From the Blackness of the Abyss He Comes
Leaving Crying Children in His Wake

With the Tip of His Hat, He Spills his Dust
And Soul Paralysis Ensues

What a Pretty Thing
That Agent of Evil
Just Try to Pry your Eyes
Or Dare to Turn your Back

You Know He’s There, but You can Make Yourself Forget
Until You Discover that He’s Visited You

Then the Love Hate Begins Again
And You’re Linked to Him by His Watch Chain
Being Toted around with so little significance
Dangling, Swinging, Bouncing in Compliance with His Steps

He is an Immortal
Know Him; For He Surely Knows You

Peaks and Dips

An intense surge of energy and enthusiasm
Awareness of all that is beautiful in the world
The Good, The Ugly
Judgement stands not in the way

Gives way to…

An overwhelming gravity and loneliness
Why can’t the others see?
The glory of existence is not fleeting
It lasts for as long as our perception can stand

Yet, Tinkertoys eclipse The Light for everyone I know
They put on their business faces
They join in chants
They become “cleansed” by white noise

Do I let them drug me?
Is emotion an illusion?
Is safety selfish?
Do I have a choice?