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An Outside Basket

The elaborate hoop lake dream
Comes tumbling down the mountain
Where have you been all these years?
The amnesiac returns from surgery

Which one goes in the peg?

He likes when you sing soft songs at midnight

But don’t ever say these three things
His mother didn’t, you see
She works for a demolition crew
So the poor idiot forgets the food he chews

Until it chokes him

Thus, he retired to this suite
To seek salvation from a breakdown

Every time he opens the door
She is staring in his face
And cleaving with a tapestry
Of beauty and disgrace

Go back to sleep my precious
He curls up in a ball
We’ll bounce you up and down the court
And let the ref make all the calls


Gray Mist Cut

The film on the mind

Toxins fought against bitterly
Finally run down the drain

Awareness floods in
A mixed blessing
At last, the neglected child realizes
He has painted himself unworthy of love

He had courted further abuse to keep familiar
And when the weather got too rough, he picked up and walked
There is not a woman alive who has kissed both sides of his face
But a few waltzing, happy-faced, neurotic impulses have wrapped their live wires around his heart…and left him twitching

Unchecked Insecurity
Test Complete

Diagnosis: Unknown

He looks at the boards of the bridges he had dismantled
“Should I try to reach the shores of the lands I once knew?”
Pleading voices call to him from the horizon
“If only I knew that they belonged to a woman who could kiss both sides of my face”

A gray mist rolls in
And obscures him from our view
Is this weather too rough for him?
I wonder what he’ll do…