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Blurp #57

During a category 2 emergency at a public restroom with limited toilet paper, does one dare squander the precious few squares to construct the protective seat cover?


The Congregation

When I need Sanctuary from all the conflicting Voices,
when I need Freedom from all of Life’s choices,
I join the Congregation.

Amongst my fellow beings, there is no white noise.
There is no consternation, and no one loses poise.
No Suspicion, Doubt or Insecurity.
All are One with Variety.

No one hurts me when I’m here.
No one judges; no one cares.
And I come and go as I please
with all the Rights that I dare dream.

Love is Eternal, as is Peace
on the inside, where all roads meet.
And it gives me Strength and empowers me
until my next visit to this Cemetery.