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Blurp #55

Let’s put things into perspective; I’d like to eat a cheeseburger, and then I’d like to kill you.


Real Estate

The building has three floors
Who on Earth could want more?

The first floor is known as The Pit
It is dark, wretched and cheap
And if you don’t know how to kill
Then you are the flesh that others eat

The second floor is quite crowded
And it is full of dreams
Half of the tenants create the walls
That the fists of the other half beat

The third floor is made of gold
Most who live here pay the price with their soul
Of course, there are those who pay something less
To take an inch off the top for the sake of redress

All in this building know of these things
Some whimper and whine, but choose one of the three

Then again someone once said
Outside of the building, the skies are not red
But those who walk out know of the risk
For no one returns after leaving our midst