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Yesterday Today

Tarp off the top
Glancing in a dusty mirror
Reflections give pause to reflect

Ages of old
Servants too bright
Pages unfold
Encrypted delights

Twisted memory children floating
Watched from above
Horses left the carousel
Leaving meandering paths

And further evidence of where they dragged their hearts through the tall grass


The Road

Accident or purpose
A baby is born

Its paths are open
Though some get better directions than others

And even despite
Having some idea where to go
There is so much noise and so many colors
It can be hard to keep one’s eyes on the road

The heart is a lonely compass
Nobody wants to be cold
And even the warm arms of a tropical sea
Are not enough to calm your soul

Your only salvation
Is the same as damnation
When your gut fills with passion
And you toss out discretion

And decide on your own
That there just might be…another road